Improved "Order Lookup" Security

We have added an extra layer of security on our Order Lookup page ( ) where we have the customer check their inbox to access the purchase/product details.

New Zap Event for Zapier Integration

You can now use the new “Cart Abandonment” zap that Triggers when a potential customer leaves the checkout page without purchasing.

PayKickstart is Now Fully GDPR Compliant!

As a concerted effort to show our dedication to Vendor, Affiliate, and Customer privacy we are happy to announce that PayKickstart is GDPR compliant - ahead of schedule for the May 25th deadline. Official announcement to come.

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Commission Fraud Control

Vendors now have the option to Enable/Disable our “Commission Fraud” feature, auto-denying customers who try to purchase a product using their own affiliate link.

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Affiliate Commission Payout Methods

We are completely overhauling the process of which Vendors payout affiliates. Part of this overhaul, includes allowing the affiliates to add various ways they can receive commission payouts. Now affiliates can go to the My Profile page and add Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, and Payoneer payout option, making it easier for vendors to pay their affiliates.

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Creating & Viewing Vendor's Affiliates Tracking Links

Vendors can now see all of their affiliate's tracking links so they do not have to ask the affiliate. Great for setting up private promotions with affiliate partners.

Vendors can also create new tracking links – perfect for private specials and promotions!

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Passing Dynamic Transaction Data for Conversion Tracking

Now you have the power to pass a variety of transactional data from PayKickstart to your conversion pixels. This is great for anyone running paid ads or simply want to track the performance of any marketing campaign (ie: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords).

There are so many use-cases for this and it's only limited to your creativity.

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Email Notification to Affiliate for Released/Denied Pending Commissions

Affiliates will now receive an email notification for each released or denied pending commissions from the vendor.

Ability to Send Billing Reminder Email Notification

To help minimize refunds and chargebacks, send a friendly billing reminder to your customer, giving them a heads up that they are going to be charged for your product/service in X days. Easily specify how many days before the charge takes place, that the email should be sent out.

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Control of "On Rebill" Email Notification

Vendors can now Enable/Disable and edit the customer email notification for a rebill.

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