Lead / CPA Tracking

It’s here! Now PayKickstart supports the ability to handle lead tracking also known as CPA (cost per acquisition), allowing vendors to pay affiliates a commission ($) for every lead they drive – great for pre-launches, webinars or any lead generation page. We’ve also built in a number of advanced security to prevent lead fraud.



KB Article: http://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/lead-cpa-tracking/


We are excited to announce one of our “secret” features we have been working on behind the scenes. This is MAJOR! We’re the very first shopping cart to integrate with the new Paypal API that we have been working privately with the Paypal development team on. A new on-page checkout experience, one-click upsells (without a Braintree account), instant commissions, no subscription limitations and so much more! Best of all this works for every vendor with a normal Paypal account. (yes, this is changing the game – and PayKickstart is excited to lead the way when it comes to innovation and empowering our vendors with the latest technology)

More Info: https://paykickstart.com/features/paypal-api/

Reporting Engine

Our biggest update in this release (and MUCH anticipated) …

Reporting is the life blood of any business. If you have accurate numbers, you can easily build and scale your business. Without them, you’re running blind.

It’s why we have completely rebuilt the reporting from the ground up. Our new reporting provides significantly improved data accuracy, as well as much better design layouts for an improved user experience.

You’ll notice a number of new reports found under the “Reporting” navigation item for both Vendors and Affiliates. Have a look around at all of the data and reporting you can now access.

For those with a subscription based model, there is a separate Subscriptions report that you can filter based on Campaign, giving you more detailed Churn rates and MRR stats.

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/reporting-metrics-guide/

Creating Additional Affiliate Tracking Links

Before PayKickstart auto-generated only one affiliate tracking link per funnel.

However, with this new feature, Vendors have the ability to create multiple affiliate tracking links for a single funnel. This is perfect if you have multiple landing pages (ie: pre-launch pages, webinar pages, etc…) for a launch or promotion.



KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/creating-additional-affiliate-tracking-links/

Improved Payouts

A new “wizard” concept for handling payouts, makes it much easier to process pending/manual commissions to affiliates.

Based on the provided payout methods provided by each affiliate, you will be able to see how many transactions are pending commission payouts for each payout method.

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/affiliate-commission-payouts/

Internal Tax System

You no longer are required to use a 3rd party integration to charge tax. Now you can charge a Sales Tax or VAT Tax using our internal PayKickstart tax system. All tax rates are continuously updated on a monthly basis to ensure you are charging the correct tax. Also have the ability to create a custom tax profile and charge any tax % you would like.



KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/creating-a-tax-profile/

Tracking ID (TID) Support

PayKickstart allows affiliates to setup tracking IDs to the end of your checkout and affiliate links.

This is particular handy for when you are running multiple promotions for a product in many places, such as Facebook, websites, or an email list.

Now you can easily keep track of where your traffic is coming from by using tracking IDs.

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/setup-tracking-ids/

Ability to change the GLOBAL 2nd tier affiliate

Now just like with a 1st tier affiliate, you have the ability to update globally who the 2nd tier affiliate is for a particular customer. Which means if you are using lifetime commissions, that 2nd tier affiliate will earn commissions for any additional products that customer may purchase.


Improved Marketing Wizard for Affiliates

Now affiliates will go through a quick wizard to find the marketing materials they want for a certain vendor/campaign/funnel.

2018-05-29_1546.png 2018-05-29_15472.png

Enhanced Funnel Builder

We have made some improvements to the funnel builder UI/Design that will make it easier to build out funnels, customize your funnel and grab your checkout links to add to your sales pages.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely PayKickstart will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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